Magic for the Purpose of Union


The Order of Melchizedek is here to support us in reclaiming and reactivating the ancient and secret magic of the Christian tradition. This is the magic that Jesus learned in his own journey of self-realization and self-actualization and the magic that he taught his disciples.

The roots of this magic reach way back in time, long before David designated himself high priest (PS 110) and long before the patriarchal tribes of Abram found themselves in the land of the Canaanites and received their blessing from the high priest Melchizedek (GN 14).

The roots of this magic go back farther still to a time when the One God was known as a genderless God who was nameless and faceless but who had many names and many faces to better serve the needs of the people. This was a God that could be he, she, breath, spirit, fire, mother, father, king or queen; and in whom the people could see reflections of themselves. In seeing themselves in God, they discovered that this God could be known, and in knowing this God, they would know themselves.

Earth Heart

The roots of this magic go back to a time when the people lived in peace – a peace that arose in the knowledge that they were inseparable – one with each other and one with their God. All people lived in harmony for they knew that it was through this harmony that they could best survive. The magic that they practiced supported this union.

Union is the purpose of the rituals and practices of the Order of Melchizedek, and these rituals and practices support this union:

  • Union with the Divine
  • Union within ourselves
  • Union with each other
  • Union with all of creation

It is in this place of Union that we find ourselves and it is through this Union that we learn and understand that each of us, in our uniqueness, is a temple of the Divine and that it is through us that the Divine seeks to be known and made manifest in this world. Here the will of God is made manifest within and through us as each of us are called to be reflections of the Divine in human form – fully human and fully Divine.  Here is where we find our own fulfillment and where the Divine purpose of the human experiment comes to its fruition.