Celebrating the Divine Masculine

Recently, there has been a lot of negative press hurled against our men.  While it is appropriate to call out men who use fear, power, control, their position of privilege, status or authority to manipulate, control, demean, devalue or abuse another; not all men are guilty.  It is likely that many more of the men we know are “good men” who are deeply caring and compassion and who try to treat all human beings with honor and respect. I have the distinct honor of knowing many of these men.

I was reminded of this truth last night after finishing a luxurious and deeply fulfilling two hour conversation with one of the men who has provided for me an example of what the Divine Masculine looks like.  He is a man approaching 50 who knows himself, and who unapologetically lives as the person he knows himself to be.  While deeply sensitive, caring and kind; embracing these parts of himself has in no way shape or form compromised his maleness.  He fully embodies all that we treasure in the Divine masculine – the qualities of provision, protection and support.  I value this man as a dear friend and spiritual brother and am grateful to enjoy his presence in my life.

He is not the only one.  As I was enjoying the afterglow of a healthy and platonic male/female exchange, I was reminded of all the other men I cherish in my life.  First of course is my son who is still finding his way to his unique expression of maleness.  My father, brother and brother-in-law are next as are many of the men who have been teachers and mentors in my life.  In addition to these amazing men are the men I consider my friends and brothers – Aaron who runs the local coffee shop that I call my second home, Lee who keeps me in Wonder Woman paraphernalia, Dale who gives the best hugs in the whole wide world, Scott who understands my sick, twisted humor, Steve whose art and commitment to his family inspire me, Sam who is a warrior among men, married to a warrior among women, Tom (my chiropractor) who literally has my back, Brad who stimulates my mind with intellectual conversation, Thomas who covers my Facebook wall with quotes to inspire and support women, two local families of men who have helped me out of a bind more times than I can even begin to describe,  Nick who had the courage to embrace the male in the female body he was given, all my favorite baristas who brighten my mornings with examples of the balance we are all heading toward as a species and all the amazing men I have come to know through my now adult children. The list goes on and on and on. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl alive to have so many amazing male friends.

Then there are my spiritual brothers – those with whom I have connected over the journey of transformation and who have been there for me again and again and again and who are always willing to throw me a life rope when I am sure that God has otherwise abandoned me:  Ted, Steve, John, Dennis, Bob, and my dear, sweet, spiritual brother and kindred soul, Jared (Love you brother!!!!!).

What every single one of these men has in common is that they have embraced the call of the Divine Masculine.  They support, protect and provide for those they love while fulfilling their own unique calling to be a force for nonviolent change in a hurting and damaged world.  They are kind and sensitive beings unafraid to show their softer side in a world that says “boys don’t cry,” and they are able to stand fully in their power in the company of the warrior women (and men) they have found beside them.

I love these men and I am so grateful to have them in my life.

Who are the Divine Masculine you would like to celebrate in your life?  

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