The Truth about Mary Magdalene – Hiding in Plain Sight!

This morning while preparing my weekly Temple of the Magdalene subscription newsletter, I came upon a momentous discovery! For 2000 years, the Church has known that it was Mary Magdalene that Jesus ordained to lead his disciples in continuing the work that he began and which he called them to complete.  It has also known that it was Mary, not Peter, who was called to lead “the church” which was comprised of all those who were open to believing the Love that Jesus came to know and sought to bring forth in our world.

For 2000 years it has been Mary Magdalene all along, the Church has simply tried to hide this truth from us, eventually denigrating Mary Magdalene (and all women with her) to the status of prostitute and whore and through centuries of subjugation, condemnation and even execution, the Church has deprived women of the very role (but more importantly, the dignity) Jesus first imparted on his most devoted disciple – Mary, called Magdalene (meaning Tower and Beacon of Faith).

How did I come upon this discovery? It is rather simple in fact.  While searching for artwork for my newsletter, I came upon traditional iconography depicting this Sunday’s Feast of the Ascension.  As I’m scrolling through the images on Google, a staggering fact presented itself.  In EVERY SINGLE icon, Mary Magdalene is depicted in the foreground, and is the focus of the icon.  She is standing in the posture of leadership, preaching and teaching.  She is flanked by two angels and contrary to what scripture says about the disciples gazing in long up to heaven as their beloved Christ is leaving them, they all are looking toward Mary.  The intent of this imagery is clear, as Jesus ascended into heaven, Mary was chosen as his successor and all the disciples were invited to look upon her as such.  There can be no mistake about the ancient artists’ intent in this imagery.  And contrary to what the Church might otherwise tell us, the woman in the foreground is NOT Mother Mary.  With her red cloak and priestly gestures, it can be none other than Mary Magdalene.

So there you have it……Mary Magdalene was chosen as Jesus’ successor and for 2000 years this truth has been hiding in plain sight!

Become a Priestess of the Magdalene and embody your own call to be a vessel of healing, love and transformation in our world.

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