The “Church” of the Magdalene

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Mary, called Magdalene (a title meaning “Great Tower”), more than any of the other apostles, understood, embodied and then went on to live out the teachings of Jesus. “Healed of seven demons,” Mary learned, through Jesus’ guidance, how to transcend and then heal the perceived separation between herself and the Divine along with all the resulting fears of this perceived separation.  In this, Mary achieved self-realization and became self-actualized – empowered to harness her own unique giftedness for the sake of her own fulfillment and then used these gifts in service to the betterment of the world.  Because Jesus has accomplished this for himself, he was then able to show Mary the way.  Jesus then empowered Mary, after his death, to continue this work in his stead.  This is what Mary went on to do.  Unfortunately, Mary’s story was left on the editing floor and no one knew the extent of the mission and ministry of the “church” Jesus founded through Mary Magdalene – until now.

Thanks to the discovery of Mary’s own gospel, and others that report of her prominence among the apostles and her role as the bearer of Jesus’ “secret” teachings, we now get a glimpse into the “church” that Jesus originally intended – a church that wasn’t a church at all, but was in fact, a mystery school – a place for higher level, esoteric learning, where participants are supported in knowing a deeply intimate relationship with the Divine of their understanding, then called into Oneness with that Divine so that they might realize the fullness of their human/Divine potential. Jesus, supported his followers in knowing what he had come to know within himself, and then empowered them to go out and do the same for others.  It seems that Mary, called Magdalene, is the only one who got this and was the only one who succeeded in bringing Jesus’ initial vision to fruition.

The “Church” of the Magdalene (if we can even call it that), seeks to continue the work that Jesus began and was then continued through Mary Magdalene.

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Who Are the Magdalenes?

We are the Magdalenes. We live and walk and work among you.  We come from all walks of life, from every tribe of the human race.  We are women.  We are men.  We are those who have completed the task of Love.  We have been supported in applying the original teachings of LOVE offered by and modeled by Jesus (and all other great spiritual teachers like him) – the teachings on Love which were then fulfilled through Mary, called Magdalene, and which has continued to show itself throughout history through those who have seen beyond the veil to the love concealed within.

We have come to know the Love that we are in our Oneness within ourselves, with the God of our understanding, with each other and with all of creation. In being open to this Love, we know no separation.  Love transcends all beliefs, all creeds, all nationalities, all genders, etc.  In this Love, there is no race but the human race.  There is no sexual orientation but love.  There is no nation, only one world.  There is no religion – only love. Love is all there is and Love is all we work to see and to know. Any perceived division is only a temporary veil over the love that has not yet been fully realized.  When division arises, we seek out the wound that is at its core, and support the healing of that wound wherever possible, as Jesus and Mary, called Magdalene, did before us.

For two thousand years we have been concealed among you, waiting.  At this critical juncture in human evolution, we come forth to be seen and to be known so that you might find hope in a world that is dying and faith in a new world that is seeking to be born.

We are your teachers, your guides, your mirror. Through our eyes you are seen as Love and in our eyes, you see that Love.  From this Love you will either turn away in fear, or, come forward in Love.  Either way, we love you for who you are and for the path you have chosen, for we have come to know that even when we choose fear, this too is a choice for Love.  As the prophet once said, “In you, darkness and light are but one.”  Of course, we hope that your choice will be for Love, because we have seen the fruits of this Love.

In this Love, we have found our unique purpose through our Divine gifts, which we then utilize for the sake of our own fulfillment and then in service to the betterment of the world. In this, you will find us using our gifts in all walks of life whether we are mother, father, teacher, minister, physician, healer, counselor, businessperson, athlete, entertainer, artist, banker, accountant, educator, administrator, etc. etc. etc. There are no limits as to how or where we can apply the Love that we know, for this Love is infinite and universal.  It is this life of meaning and purpose that too shall be yours when you make the choice for Love.

But even more than meaning and purpose, the promise of Love is peace. In the depths of the Love that we are, we know a deep and abiding peace.  This is “the peace that surpasses all understanding,” and which allows us to navigate the twists and turns, ups and downs, joys and sufferings of the human condition.  While fear is always present as a consequence of choosing the human condition, Love provides the key to finding our way through that fear.  It is here that we come to know the “kingdom of God within” that Jesus promised – not in some heaven light years away, but right here, in the midst of the human experience.  It is for the sake of this purpose that we are here, to help you know what those “who have eyes to see” have come to known – the Love that has been here all along!

We are the Magdalenes. Our mission and purpose is Love – the Love that is YOU!


Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, OPM, MATS, is the founder of the Temple of the Magdalene and the creator and facilitator of the Magdalene Priest/ess Training Program.  Learn more about becoming a Priest/ess of the Magdalene HERE.

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The Magdalene Priesthood

The Magdalene Priesthood reclaims and restores the original priesthood modeled by Jesus, who became Christ, and which was fulfilled through his most devoted disciple, co-equal ministry partner, and Beloved, Mary, called Magdalene.

The Magdalene Priesthood is not about hierarchy, neither is it patriarchal nor clerical in nature. The Magdalene Priesthood is grounded in the egalitarian model favored by Jesus – one in which every individual is honored as uniquely holy and sacred and where no one person rules over another. The Magdalene priesthood seeks only to serve the common good of the all, not the privilege of the few.

The Magdalene Priesthood does not set anyone apart as the intermediary between ourselves and the God of our understanding. Instead, women and men called to this priesthood serve as supportive guides and teachers, empowering you in a directly intimate and personal relationship with your own God.  The God of your understanding may appear as male, female, as Presence, Essence, Spirit, Love, nameless or faceless.  The Magdalene Priesthood understands that the Divine reveals itself to each of us in our own unique way and according to our own unique temperament and needs and honors this unique revelation as holy.

In the Magdalene Priesthood, salvation is not about appeasing a jealous and wrathful god. Neither is it about earning our heavenly reward in the hereafter.  Instead, salvation is known by an increasing inner experience of contentment and peace achieved through years of diligent attention to the Source of love and a disciplined practice of turning away from and moving through the fear that tries to keep us from this love.  This is the Kingdom of God about which Jesus spoke, which can only be found within.

Mary Magdalene preaching and teaching

Those called to the Magdalene Priesthood have been empowered to name and claim their own unique giftedness and have been empowered to use these gifts, first, for the sake of their own fulfillment, and then in service to the betterment of the world. As such, priests and priestesses of the Magdalene serve in whatever capacity they feel called.  Some live out their priesthood as teachers, healers, mothers, fathers, artisans, activists, advocates, scholars, entertainers, protectors of the land, peacemakers, reformers, prophets, serving the needs of the less fortunate, business owners, politicians, etc. etc. etc.  There is no limit as to how the Magdalene Priesthood might be fulfilled.  Additionally, there is nothing that might set a priest or priestess of Magdalene apart from another, except perhaps the love that radiates from their being.  As such, there are not special “outfits” to be worn. Priests and priestesses of the Magdalene follow the example of Jesus and Mary Magdalene by wearing clothing similar to those they serve.

LOVE is the sole mission of the Magdalene Priesthood. Those called to this priesthood have come to know the love that they are in their Oneness with the Divine – the same Oneness that Jesus came to know within himself and then supported his disciples in coming to know within themselves.  Mary, called Magdalene, mastered this love and then went out to empower others in knowing this Love, as Jesus, as Christ, ordained her to do.  The Magdalene Priesthood fulfills the Magdalene succession by reclaiming and restoring the ancient and original priesthood modeled by Jesus and fulfilled by Mary, called Magdalene.


Lauri Ann Lumby, OM, MATS, has accepted the call to be a vessel through which the Priesthood of the Magdalene might be restored. If you believe you may be called to the Priesthood of the Magdalene Learn more HERE.


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